Meetings and Events

UKBHC Ltd Annual Engagement Event and Board Meetings

The Board meets four times a year and is responsible for the management an governance of the register.

Most Board meetings are held in London. The exception is the autumn meeting, which is is at a venue in different parts of the country.

At the autumn meeting the Board has a business meeting in the morning, which is followed by and engagement event to which registrants and non-registrants are invited. The venues have been in Belfast, Birmingham, Glasgow and London.

Board Meetings

All Board Meeting Minutes are available by clicking the link the Board Meetings page.

Annual General Meetings

Minutes of the UKBHC AGM are available below:

UKBHC AGM Minutes Sept 2011

UKBHC AGM 26 Sept 2012

UKBHC AGM Minutes Sept 2013

UKBHC AGM Minutes Sept 2014

UKBHC Minutes AGM – October 2015

Annual Engagement Events

Since 2015 UKBHC Ltd. has held an annual engagement event.

UKBHC Ltd Annual Engagement Event 2016

Other events

UKBHC accredits external courses and events which meet professional standards in chaplaincy and applies points for Continuing Professional Development (CPD).  External events may be provided at a regional, national or international level.  They are usually delivered by professional, educational or commercial organisations and include workshops, conferences and courses. In this section you will find information on the criteria we use to accredit events and how to apply for accreditation.