Appointing a Chaplain

Employers are often perplexed when it comes to appointing a chaplain and the UKBHC provides advice and support to help guide them through the process. Chaplaincy appointments have certain distinctive features which need addressing in the recruitment and selection process such as the professional content of the job description and the endorsement that may be required of a faith community or belief group if a chaplain is to exercise a religious ministry within their role.

The UKBHC recommends that you seek the assistance of one of its Professional Advisors at an early stage in the appointing process.

All the advisors are experienced working chaplains who can offer practical support and information about job descriptions, person specifications, advertising, and the selection process. They can provide an impartial external assessment of the knowledge, training, experience and competencies of candidates in relation to a post, and they can provide an external professional opinion to an interview or selection panel.

For more information about who the Professional Advisors  are, or to request the support of a Professional Advisor please contact the Lead Officer for the Professional Advisors by sending an email to