As of the 22nd August 2017 the UK Board of Healthcare Chaplaincy’s (UKBHC) register has been accredited by the Professional Standards Authority PSA) under its Accredited Registers program. Please see here for a press release in relation to this.

The UKBHC maintains a voluntary professional register that has been accredited by the Professional Standards Authority.  The Register demonstrates the accountability of healthcare chaplains to the public, to promote high standards of practice and behaviour, and to support professional regulation. Chaplains registered with the Board will be entitled to refer to themselves as a “Board Registered Chaplain”.

What will it mean to be registered with UKBHC?

Board Registered Chaplains have demonstrated:

  • evidence that they meet the eligibility criteria for registration;
  • compliance with the professional Code of Conduct and requirements for Continuing Professional Development;
  • fitness to practice;
  • paid the relevant registration fee.

To maintain registration chaplains shall:

  • ensure that their UKBHC record is complete, accurate and contemporary;
  • maintain their CPD activity;
  • comply with the professional Code of Conduct;
  • pay the relevant registration fee.

How to Register

Registration is a two-part process:

  1. The first part involves applying for an 'account' with the UKBHC and paying an initial application fee, which - assuming your application is successful - will also cover your first year's registration fee. Once your account is set up and approved you can log-in and enter all the personal and professional information in your record, which is required for registration.
  2. The second part involves submitting this full record for verification and this may take several weeks depending on the checks we may need to make. Once this process is complete and providing you fulfil our criteria you will be given either provisional registration if this is your first chaplaincy post, or full registration if you have held a post for at least 2 years.  See our Registration Categories and Registration Criteria for details.

Before you Register please ensure that you have read and understood the relevant information contained on this website.