Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

CPD Portfolio

UKBHC has produced a CPD portfolio for chaplains.  The portfolio contains a range of material to support chaplains in meeting: (1) the expectations of CPD by the professional associations of chaplaincy and
(2) the requirements of the development review process for the NHS KSF.

Personal Development Portfolio

The portfolio also contains guidance and information for chaplains and their managers to assist them in understanding the learning and development activities of chaplains and the sources of evidence that may be used.

CPD Summary Sheet

An essential part of registration is the annual completion of a summary of CPD activity as continuing evidence of meeting the requirements for registration and therefore fitness to practice. A summary sheet will be requested in January each year and should be submitted to the UKBHC by email or post. It is a condition of registration that an Annual CPD Summary Sheet is completed. Registrants who fail to do so will be removed from the register.

The annual summary sheet for CPD activity during the current year can be downloaded below and should be completed and returned no later than 28th February of the following year.

When filling in the summary sheet one point is awarded for each hour of CPD activity that meets the criteria – i.e. 1 point per hour of reading, teaching, writing or the total points awarded for attending a course.

Also available for download as guidance is an example of a 2020 CPD summary  (used with permission) which provides a helpful indication of what type of activities fit into the different categories.

Other Resources

Available through the resources page are a number of different documents that can be used as part of CPD – for example, course evaluation and verbatim sheets.

For further information on CPD application, accreditation and events, please go to the Meetings & Events section.