Welcome to the UK Board of Healthcare Chaplaincy

The UK Board of Healthcare Chaplaincy (UKBHC) is the register of healthcare chaplains in the UK and was established in 2009.

The primary aim of the UKBHC is the safety and wellbeing of the public, which it achieves by setting high standards for the professional practice of healthcare chaplains that are on the register.

In August 2017 the Professional Standards Authority (PSA) recognised the UKBHC as an Accredited Register.
PSA is the regulatory body for all registers of health and social care professionals.

For professionals

Healthcare Chaplains practice in a professional environment that places certain expectations and obligations upon them. In 2015 the NHS in England issued revised NHS Chaplaincy Guidelines. The guidelines include revised descriptions of Spiritual Care and Chaplainc

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Appointing a Chaplain

Employers are often perplexed when it comes to appointing a chaplain and the UKBHC provides advice and support to help guide them through the process.

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Professional Advisors

Professional Advisers are appointed and trained by the Board to advise healthcare organisations on appointing healthcare chaplains including the professional content of job descriptions.

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a Chaplain

Click here to explore how healthcare chaplains provide spiritual and religious care for others as and integral part of healthcare provision.

a Chaplain

Click here for guidance and advice for appointing a chaplain.


Click here to see details of how the register is maintained and for listing of registered chaplains.

Body of

Healthcare Chaplaincy practice and standards are underpinned by a body of knowledge drawn from academic and professional sources. Click here for further information.

Training &

Click here for information on accredited post-graduate programs on healthcare chaplaincy and introductory and other related courses.

Bands &

UKBHC has established a series of profiles of Competencies and Capabilities for all levels of chaplaincy practice. Click here for information.