Professional Advisors

Professional Advisors are appointed and trained by the Board to:

  • Advise healthcare organisations on appointing healthcare chaplains including the professional content of job descriptions;
  • Represent the professional associations at interviews for chaplains’ posts as impartial external assessors of the professional ability of candidates;
  • Ensure that recruitment and selection to chaplains’ posts are fair, consistent and open and that the best candidate for the post is appointed;
  • Monitor the recruitment and selection of chaplains across the UK.

If you would like the support of a Professional Adviser please contact

Current Advisors (May 2022)  –  Tony Brookes, Claire Carson, Sarah Crane, Yunus Dudhwala, Anne Edwards, Debbie Ford, Derek Fraser, Simon Harrison, Andrew Keith, Emma Louis, Mark Newitt, Ben Rhodes & Gareth Rowlands.

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