Board Members

There are 12 voting members of the board made up as follows: The ex-officio officers of the three professional organisations, four lay members and four registrant members. The Board may also co-opt up to four non-voting members.

Profiles for board members can accessed by clicking on individual names.

Current Members
Professional Assoications
Karen Murphy (AHPCC)
(Simon Harrison (CHCC)

Robert Sloan ( NIHCA)

Paul Graham (Scottish Lead Chaplains Group)

Lay Members
Ed Carpenter  (Treasurer)
Maura Devlin


Mark Stobert (Chairperson)
Derek Fraser
 Paul Nash 
Philip Wright 
Simon Betteridge

Cameron Langlands

Derek Johnson (Secretary)

Co-opted Members
Iain Macritchie (NHS Education for Scotland)
Debbie Hodge (Healthcare Chaplaincy Faith and Belief Group)

Mark Rogers
Please Note: The Registrar is an officer of the board, reports to the Board and is in attendance at Board meetings but does not have voting rights.

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