Registration Fees

UKBHC Registration Fee for 2019

The registration fee for 2019 is £50 (provisional/student registration is at a reduced rate) and will be requested by e-mail during January 2019.  The fee is comparable with other healthcare professions and considerably lower than some. 

Professional Standards Authority Fee

In 2017 the Board achieved Voluntary Professional Registration with the Professional Standards Authority (PSA).  Your UKBHC Registration Fee includes the annual registration fee for the PSA.  

Updating your Personal Information

When you go to the fee payments page you will be asked to update your personal information.  Please ensure we have a Personal E-Mail Address this will help us keep in touch with reminders and information.

How do I pay

The Board has a secure automated system using PayPal to handle and record payments. All registrants will be notified via email with details of how to make your payment. You can access the payment page using the link below. If you are not already logged in to the UKBHC website, you will be asked to log in before you can access the page.
A small number of registrants have reported difficulties with PayPal not accepting their payment. Please note the following advice:
  • You may need to make your payment from your home as some NHS systems block personal payments and websites such as PayPal.
  • If you have ever used PayPal in the past the system may recognise some of your details and require you to login to your account rather than pay by card. 
If you are unable to pay your fee using PayPal you can pay by cheque to the treasurer or BACS but be advised it can take up to four weeks for a BACS payment to be confirmed. If you pay by cheque or BACS please remember to update your personal information on the UKBHC Website and in particular your e-mail address.