About the UKBHC

The UK Board of Healthcare Chaplaincy is a multifaith organisation of practising healthcare chaplains whose aims are to:

1.    protect the public

2.    promote the health, safety and wellbeing of patients and service users

3.    promote public confidence and protection through the UKBHC Code of Conduct and the maintenance of the register of UKBHC registered healthcare chaplains

4.    advance and disseminate the knowledge and practice of healthcare chaplaincy

5.    define and develop professional standards of chaplaincy including education, training and continuing professional development

6.    train advisers to support employers in the selection and appointment of healthcare chaplains

7.    operate procedures to consider, investigate and assess the professional conduct of registered chaplains

8.    maintain and develop systems to promote and accredit continuing professional development and the professional registration of chaplains

The Board' s Register of Healthcare chaplains was accredited by the Professional Standards Authority in August 2017

Download the presentation below to see more about the formation and functions of the UKBHC

UKBHC Formation & Functions1.03 MB