Professional Capabalities & Competencies

Competencies have been described as "The complex synthesis of knowledge, skills, values, behaviours and attributes that enable individual professionals to work safely, effectively & legally within their particular scope of practice..." (DoH AHP Project 2003). The UK Board of Healthcare Chaplaincy (UKBHC) recognised the vision, experience and expertise of NHS Education for Scotland (NES) in the preparation and publication of a capability and competency framework and is grateful for their permission to adopt and reprint this document as a framework for healthcare chaplaincy throughout the UK. In developing a framework for healthcare chaplains in Scotland the consultation committee sought representation from chaplaincy organisations and representative faith and belief groups across the UK with the vision that this work might be relevant in the National Health Service throughout the UK and to encourage chaplaincy to develop as a recognised healthcare profession. The Welsh Assembly Government has adopted to this framework and published its own version for the NHS in Wales. All three documents are available for download below.

This framework is cross-referenced to both the KSF and to the Chaplaincy Service Standards.

UKBHC Spiritual and Religious Care Capabilities and Competencies for Healthcare Chaplaincy (2015).pdf591.43 KB
Spiritual & Religious Capabilities & Competences - NHS in Wales.pdf342.51 KB
NES Spiritual and Religious Care Capabilities and Competencies for Healthcare Chaplaincy.pdf620.29 KB