The Register

Administering a register of healthcare chaplains is a core function of the UKBHC.  The register is accredited by the Professional Standards Authority.

The UKBHC maintains a professional register in order to demonstrate the accountability of healthcare chaplains to the patients and their carers, to employers and to colleagues in healthcare chaplaincy and in other healthcare professions.  The maintaining of a register will, in turn, promote high standards of practice and behaviour and support professional regulation.  Chaplains approved by the Board will be entitled to refer to themselves as a ‘Board Registered Chaplain’.

Like all healthcare professionals, chaplains are required to meet educational standards, participate in training and maintain a record of continuous professional development. You can find out more about the standards of education healthcare chaplains are required to meet here.

Full registration status would indicate that a Chaplain is working within the professional parameters set down by the UKBHC and is deemed fit to practise.  In order to maintain registration a chaplain needs to demonstrate:

  • Complete, accurate and contemporary personal record
  • A Continuing Professional Development activity log
  • No known professional misconduct issues

A chaplain may have a different registration status, including ‘Registered with conditions’, ‘Suspended’, ‘Removed’ or ‘Not Registered’.

One of the major benefits of the creation and maintaining of a register of healthcare chaplains is public safety.  The UKBHC would want to hear from patients and carers who have any concerns about the fitness of any Chaplain to practise - see ‘Making a Complaint’.

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