Making a Complaint

Making a complaint about a Board Registered Chaplain

The Board expects registered chaplains to practice to the standards laid out in the Code of Conduct which is available on this website.  If you have a complaint against a chaplain you can usually make one through the healthcare organisation, such as the hospital, for which they work.  The Board recommends that complaints are dealt with wherever possible using the local complaints procedure of the chaplain's employer.

The Board will consider complaints made against registered chaplains in relation to the Code of Conduct.  You can check if the chaplain is registered with the Board by searching our Register.

A complaint about a Board Registered Chaplain should be made in writing using the Complaints Form (below) and sent to the Lead Officer for Professional Conduct, UKBHC, Box 105, Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge, CB2 0QQ. A number of other documents relating to fitness to practice can be found on that page of the website:

The Lead Officer will decide how to deal with your complaint and keep you informed about this process which may take several months.  Usually as part of the investigation, we will send your complaint to the chaplain you are complaining about and ask them for their response to the complaint. You will be sent a copy of this response.  We might also ask for more information from you, from the person you are complaining about, or from other people related to the complaint.

When there is sufficient information, the complaint will be considered by a Complaints Committee who will decide if more investigation is needed, or whether there has been professional misconduct and what steps to take next.  You will be told what decisions the Complaints Committee has made. 

Confidentiality and Consent to the use of information

In order to properly investigate your complaint we will need to use the information you provide us and send it to the chaplain you are complaining about.  The chaplain in responding to your complaint may provide us with additional information about you.  The complaints form asks for your consent to use information about you in this way.  This information will be kept private. It will be seen only by the people who are involved in investigating your complaint and will only be used for the investigation.

We might need to ask you or the chaplain for further necessary information about your complaint.  You can of course refuse to provide such information.  However, it may be difficult for us to investigate the complaint if you do.


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