Patient & Public Involvement

Listed below are a number of websites related to patient and public involvement and recent health legislation.

National Library for Health

This Library aims to support the implementation of patient, user, carer and public involvement in health care by providing access, in one location, to the best information which is freely available on the Web.

NHS Centre for Involvement

The NHS Centre for Involvement (NCI) supports and encourages the NHS and other organisations to involve patients and the public in health and social care decision-making.

Department of Health

Provides policy background, information and links to publications.

Legislation in England

Section 242 of the NHS Act 2006 requires NHS organisations in England to involve and consult patients and the public in:

  1. planning of the provision of services
  2. development and consideration of proposals for changes in the way those services are provided
  3. decisions made by the NHS organisation affecting the operation of services

Further, the Local Government and Public Involvement in Health Act 2007, enhances and clarifies section 242, stressing its relevance to the manner in which services are delivered and the range of services. It also places a new duty on Strategic Health Authorities (SHAs) and Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) to report on consultation.

Local Involvment Networks (LINks)