CPD Application

Application for CPD points

You can make your application by email or by post. Supporting documentation can be submitted either electronically or by post. Click here to download a copy of the application form. To submit the application electronically, fill in the form in word and email the completed form as an email attachment to the email address on the form. Alternatively, print the form off and post to Box 105, Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge CB2 0QQ.

How to complete the form...

Title of CPD Event
The title by which the event is known and is used in any publicity.

Date(s) & Venue(s) of Event
If the same event is repeated include details of all events on the same form.

Target audience
Describe who the event is aimed at, for example: chaplains in a first appointment, chaplains with management responsibilities etc. This should relate to the learning objectives.

Provider Organisation
The institution or organisation running the event. For example: Association of Hospice and Palliative Care Chaplains, Leeds University, Healthcare Events Ltd.

Type of Organisation
Tick the relevant category.

Provide details of financial (e.g. grants and payments) and non-financial (e.g. venue, delegate packs) support for the event and who it is provided by.

Total learning time
Add up the total time given to learning activity during the event and present it in hours and minutes.