CPD Accreditation

 What are the criteria that UKBHC uses to accredit events?

  1. The target audience falls within the remit of UKBHC.
  2. The event promotes the development of competent Chaplaincy practitioners, contributes to continuous learning, and addresses a clear learning need.
  3. There are clear and unambiguous aims, learning objectives and delivery methods for the event which are described in the event programme.
  4. Learning objectives and delivery methods are relevant to the target audience, appropriate to the learning objectives and achievable within the event.
  5. The event organiser has the necessary expertise to organise and run the event.
  6. Speakers and tutors have necessary expertise relevant to the subject they are presenting or teaching.
  7. A defined quality assurance process underpins the event and includes an effective assessment processes that evaluates the stated learning objectives (e.g. evaluation or feedback form).
  8. The event does not contain the promotion of commercial interests.

How are CPD points awarded?

One point is awarded for each hour of CPD activity that meets the criteria. The total learning activity time is considered for the event.  Only whole points are awarded and total times that exceed 30 minutes are usually rounded up.  Credits are not awarded for activities that directly promote the interests of commercial organisations or for recreational time.

Are there any obligations on event organisers of UKBHC accredited courses?

Publicity material for events accredited by UKBHC should show the CPD points awarded.  Participants should receive a certificate of attendance which should also include the UKBHC logo and CPD points.  Organisers must keep a register of attendance and a record of the evaluation of the event for a minimum of three years.

What is the cost of applying for accreditation?

UKBHC charges a fee for the processing of applications according to the following scale:

  • Healthcare Chaplaincy & NHS Organisations, not for proft organisations and Educational Institutions: £15 per point to a maximum of £250.
  • Commercial "for profit" organisations: £25 per point

Once an application has been considered by UKBHC provisional points will be awarded and the organiser will be informed of the cost.  The fee should be paid by cheque (payable to UKBHC) and sent to the UKBHC Treasurer.  In the case that no credits are awarded because the event fails to meet the criteria a fee of £30 will be charged to cover administration costs. 

What if the same event is repeated?

One application can be submitted for an event which will be repeated within a 12 month period.  A single fee will apply.