MA/diploma in Health Care Chaplaincy - Cambridge

An MA in Healthcare chaplaincy was developed within the Cambridge Theological Federations’ MA programme in 2005.The course enables students to develop their knowledge and skills in healthcare chaplaincy and is registered with the UKBHC for CPD points.
More information is continued in the course leaflet which can be downloaded here. Fuller information is available either from the Cambridge Theological Federation web site or by contacting the course tutor, Derek Fraser.
The MA programme consists of 4 modules and a dissertation.
There is a compulsory module which aims to elucidate the contextual, praxis-oriented nature of pastoral theology, and to identify appropriate tools, methods and resources for engagement with the discipline, as a foundation for other modules.  The study is placed in a historical perspective, and participants are invited to make an analysis of the social and theological factors which shape pastoral practice within their Christian communities.  Participants’ own context and practice is a key focus in the module. 
One module aims to deepen participants' awareness of the history, theology and practice of health care chaplaincy. It explores ideas of personhood, relationality, health, sickness and healing within the Christian Tradition. It focuses on the particularities of pastoral theology and praxis as a distinct discipline within a health care setting and explores the place of prayer and ritual, personal and interpersonal dynamics, self-care and accountability and ministry to the hospital as an institution. The UKBHC Competences and Capability framework document is the foundational document for the module.
The placement module involves 200 hours of practical experience in a range of health care contexts, and 100 hours reflection on experience and guided reading including work with a trained supervisor and a peer group. Key areas for learning include integrating named theological themes and pastoral practice, formation as a pastoral practitioner and developing self-knowledge. Passing this module is essential as an indication of safe to practice in the Health Care Chaplaincy track and is recognised within the chaplaincy field.
Completion of 4 modules gives a post graduate diploma in pastoral theology – health care chaplaincy