Training & Education

Training for Newly Appointed Healthcare Chaplains. 

The Department of Health sponsored the development of an on-line course titled: Introductory Training for Newly Appointed Healthcare Chaplains.  This course was developed by the Board and is administered by an Academic Advisor experienced in on-line chaplaincy education.  Admission to the course is at the discretion of Lead Chaplains who issue an enrolment key.  The course is appropriate for all newly appointed healthcare chaplains and some Lead chaplains also include chaplaincy support workers such as chaplaincy volunteers.

The course is available at

Lead Chaplains can view a Read Only version of the site and can request the enrolment key from the course administrator:



Registration: Registration with the Board requires that applicants have a qualification relevant to their faith community or belief group and a postgraduate qualification in Healthcare Chaplaincy such as a PG Certificate in Healthcare Chaplaincy.

Working as a ChaplainThe Board’s Healthcare Chaplaincy Bands and Duties Framework (2015) outlines the educational requirements for the various Agenda for Change (AfC) Bands in Healthcare Chaplaincy.  While a graduate degree such as a Foundation Degree in Healthcare Chaplaincy would enable chaplains to be employed at AfC Band 5 there is an expectation that for autonomous practice as an AfC Band 6 healthcare chaplain a Postgraduate qualification in Healthcare Chaplaincy is the requirement.

At present we are aware of the following accredited Postgraduate Healthcare Chaplaincy programmes in the UK.  They include distance learning, block learning and face to face study. Details of the programmes are outlined below.

Postgraduate Chaplaincy Education (Accredited Programmes for Band 6 Chaplaincy appointments)

Graduate Chaplaincy Education (non-accredited programmes for Band 5 Chaplaincy appointments)